HD teaser pictures and concept photos of Kpop albums by female idols

TWICE Cheer Up Album Concept

HD teaser photos for Cheer Up, the lead single of Page Two, the second mini album by Kpop girl group TWICE which was released in April 2016. The idol group made their official debut last October and is going really strong.

TWICE Nayeon Cheer Up album concept photo

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Pocket Girls Bbang Bbang Album Concept

Teaser photos for Bbang Bbang, the first single album by Pocket Girls, released April 2015. The group consisted of three racing models (we only recognise Yeon Ji Eun, who goes by stage name Yeonji) at that time, one of them already left though.

Pocket Girls Bbang Bbang Korean album concept

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GFriend Snowflake Album Concept

Teaser photos for Snowflake, the third mini album by pop group GFriend which was released in January 2016. The girls are all the rage in Korea at the moment, the school uniform concept must have helped quite a bit.

GFriend Snowflake Korean mini album

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