Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.

Like most other websites, we collect data in our server log files, which include your IP address, ISP info, browser info and surfing behaviour (on this website).

We also use third party services like Google Adsense which may use technology such as cookies to collect additional data like browsing history etc.

These data are used to provide better user experience, e.g. better contents, site layout, relevant advertisements (based on users’ prior visits) etc.

You can check Google’s complete privacy statement here.

We have no intention to obtain your name, email address (unless you contact us), physical address, telephone number, or any financial information.

You do not need to register to use this website.

We often link to other websites (sources) operated by third parties. We do not accept responsibility for the privacy practises of these websites, which are beyond our control. Please visit those websites at your own discretion.