Most Popular Korean Girls 2014

The 10 most popular HD photo sets and a few special mentions in 2014. We limited the list to one for each girl/group for variety.

#1 Han Ga Eun, Ju Da Ha, Park Si Hyun MMORPG – The trio is unstoppable in 2014. The photos are promotional materials for Korean online game Thousand Temples which feature the girls as spokesmodels.

Most popular Korean Girls 2014

#2 Choi Seul Gi Studio Photoshoot – The most popular post in 2013 has dropped down a spot. The girl rules the site in 2014 though, with four posts in the “original” top 10 (#3, #4 and #10), which is why we imposed the one post per girl rule for this list.

Popular Korean model Choi Seul Gi 2014

#3 Kim Ha Yul Scooter Race – The very first post on this website in 2012 is still going strong.

Popular Korean model Kim Ha Yul 2014

#4 Lee Da Hee Korea International Boat Show 2014 – A surprising one on this list, the photo set (and other pictures of the racing model) was rarely on our monthly top 10 but the consistency paid off.

Popular Korean model Lee Da Hee 2014

#5 KSF 2013 Hankook Race Queens – Racing models Lee Hyo Young, Min Yu Rin and Han Song Yee at Round 6 of the 2013 Korea Speed Festival. Threesome is a popular theme in 2014.

Popular Korea Speed Festival racing models 2014

#6 Yeon Ji Eun Asian Festival of Speed 2014 – We only have one post of this model, guess we’ll pay her more attention in 2015.

Popular Korean model Yeon Ji Eun 2014

#7 A Pink Hayoung Cool FM Show – The most popular K-pop idol set in 2014, not just on this website but the girl group has been doing really well in real life too. Pleated skirts FTW.

Popular Korean idol A Pink Hayoung 2014

#8 Stellar Marionette Fansign – The girl group is doing well on this site, wish they can do better with their career next year.

Popular Korean girl group Stellar 2014

#9 Heo Yun Mi Automation World 2014 – She’s the second most popular girl (behind Choi Seul Gi) by total view count in 2014, many of her posts are in the top 50 but the highest only make it at #9 on this list.

Popular Korean model Heo Yun Mi 2014

#10 AOA Short Hair – The girl group’s first mini album. They are also having a breakthrough year in K-pop scene.

Popular Korean girl group AOA 2014

# Park Soo Jin Yoga Style – Special mention, the most popular actress set in 2014. #44 on the original list.

Popular Korean actress Park Soo Jin 2014

# EXID Hani Up & Down – Special mention, the post was made in November 2014, doesn’t have much time to accumulate the view count; the top 10 in this list were all posted in first half of 2014 or earlier. Still make it to #26 though.

Popular Korean idol EXID Hani 2014

All The Best Hwang Mi Hee – The iconic racing model is missing in 2014, perhaps retiring or having a baby (heard that she’s married), best wishes to her regardless. Photo from a Chevrolet event in 2011, one of the most popular posts on our 500 Special list.

Popular Korean model Hwang Mi Hee 2014

Thanks to all photographers and sources for the great pictures – please refer to each post for credits – and thanks to readers for supporting us. 2014 has been a chaotic year with so many unfortunate human disasters right till the end, we would like to send our blessing to the unfortunates, and hope that 2015 will be a better year for everyone. Happy New Year.