Korean Girls HD Special 500 Recap

As mentioned last week we’ve just posted our 500th post. This is a recap of the 10 most popular photosets since the site started in 2012. For variety we limit this list to one per girl/group, please refer to the posts for photo credits.

#1 Kim Ha Yul Korea Scooter Race 2012
Popular Korean racing model Kim Ha Yul

#2 Hwang Mi-Hee Chevrolet Event
Popular Korean racing model Hwang Mi Hee

#3 Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Jung StoneHenge Fansign
Korean pop group Girls Generation Jessica Jung

#4 Choi Seul Ki Sugar Korea
Popular Korean racing model Choi Seul Ki

#5 Alluring Heo Yun-Mi
Popular Korean racing model Heo Yun Mi

#6 Han Hyo-Joo Head Sports Wallpaper
Popular Korean actress Han Hyo Joo

#7 Ryu Ji-Hye Korea Scooter Race 2012
Popular Korean racing model Ryu Ji Hye

#8 f(x) Krystal I AM Event
Korean girl group fx Krystal Jung

#9 Kang Yebin Studio Photoshoot
Popular Korean actress Kang Ye Bin

#10 Han Ga Eun, Ju Da Ha, Park Si Hyun MMORPG
Korean models Han Ga Eun Ju Da Ha Park Si Hyun