HD photoshoots of Korean racing model Shin Hae Ri

Shin Haeri Sweet Memory

Another simple yet beautiful HD photoset of Korean model Shin Haeri.

Korean model Shin Haeri studio photoshoot

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Shin Haeri Simple Photoshoot

Model Shin Haeri’s outdoor photoshoot at some open air auditorium. Simple but cute nonetheless.

Korean model Shin Haeri

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Shin Hae Ri Korea Scooter Race 2013 (R1)

Model Shin Hae Ri at Round 1 of the Korea Scooter Race Championship in May 2013. Neo Forte (the sign she was holding, and the label on the bike) is a Korean scooter brand. Photos via Cutekorean.

Shin HaeRi Korea Scooter Race 2013

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