HD photoshoots of Korean pop group Girls' Generation 소녀시대

SNSD Yoona Marie Claire Magazine

Yoona of K-pop group Girls’ Generation in November 2015 issue of Marie Claire Magazine, in collaboration with jewellery brand Cartier. The idol-actress is currently starring in Chinese TV drama series God Of War, Zhao Yun.

SNSD Yoona Marie Claire Magazine Cartier

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SNSD Tiffany Valentino Event

Tiffany of pop group Girls’ Generation at a Valentino event in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul’s famous luxury fashion zone, in March 2016. Seems like she’s a real fan of the Italian designer/brand, vice versa.

SNSD Tiffany Cheongdam-dong Valentino event

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Girls’ Generation KBS Music Festival 2015

HD pictures of pop group Girls’ Generation performing at KBS Music Festival in December 2015. The costume was from their Lion Heart album released in August.

SNSD Yoona KBS Music Festival 2015

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