HD photoshoots of Korean racing model Cheon Bo Young 천보영

Cheon Bo Young G-STAR 2015

Model Cheon Bo Young (천보영) at G-STAR game exhibition with Hungry App in November 2015. Haven’t seen the girl in a trade show for a long while, seems like she’s working exclusively with the Korean gaming-media company.

Cheon Bo Young G-STAR 2015 Hungry App

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Cheon Bo Young Hungry App TV

Model Cheon Bo Young working at a StarCraft event for Hungry App TV, a Korean gaming and media company, in January 2015. She hadn’t appear in any trade shows or racing events this year, looks like it’s a full time job.

Cheon Bo Young Korean Hungry App TV

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China Doll Cheon Bo Young

Korean model Cheon Bo Young’s studio photoshoot in Chinese women fashion, the white one is sexy and the red is cute.

Cheon Bo Young Chinese women fashion

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