HD photoshoots of Korean girl group APRIL 에이프릴

April Jinsol Lotte Busan Performance

Cute photoshoots of Lee Jin Sol (이진솔) of Kpop idol group APRIL, performing with her fellow members at a “guerilla” show at Lotte Busan in January 2016.

April Jinsol Lotte Busan performance

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APRIL Mobile Pop Hongdae Event

Girl group APRIL attended a promotion event for Mobile Pop in Hongdae, a popular hangout region in Seoul, on March 13, 2016. The Kpop idols released a special winter album titled Snowman last December.

April Hyunjoo Hongdae Mobile Pop Event

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April Hyunjoo Music Bank Commute

Hyunjoo of pop group APRIL (에이프릴) arriving at KBS studio to record the Music Bank show in August 2015 to promote the girls’ first mini album, Dreaming.

April Hyunjoo Music Bank Dreaming

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