HD pictures of Korean brand endorsers, advertisements and promo events

Park Han Byul Ganeshi Fan Signing Event

Actress Park Han Byul at a promotion event for Korean jewelry brand Ganeshi at Hyundai Department Store in Busan on April 2, 2016.

Park Han Byul Ganeshi fan signing event

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Eun Bin Songs In The Cloud Game

Model Eun Bin is featured as the PR ambassador for Korean online game Songs In The Cloud (운중가 온라인) which is based on a Chinese novel and TV drama series.

Eun Bin Songs In The Cloud online game

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Lee Sung Kyung LAP Store Opening Event

Actress-model Lee Sung Kyung (이성경) attended a store opening event for clothing brand LAP at Seoul’s COEX Mall in January 2016.

Lee Sung Kyung LAP store opening

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