Most Popular Korean Girls 2015

The 20 most popular photo sets on this blog in 2015. As usual we limit this list to one post per person for variety purpose.

#1 Choi Seul Gi Studio Photoshoot – The most popular post in 2013 reclaimed its throne due to the magic of Google Images
Popular Korean girl Choi Seul Gi 2015

#2 Heo Yun Mi Korea Speed Festival 2014 – Overall the most popular girl in 2015
Popular Korean girl Heo Yun Mi 2015

#3 EXID Hani Up & Down – Arguably the breakthrough girl/group of the year, with its famous choreography
Popular Korean girl EXID Hani 2015

#4 Han Ga Eun Daegu Street Motor Festival 2014 – The racing model is making a strong comeback after a brief stint as a pop idol
Popular Korean girl Han Ga Eun 2015

#5 MMORPG Girls – Technically the second post of Han Ga Eun but it’s in a trio with Ju Da Ha and Park Si Hyun, advertising for a Korean online game… the most popular post in 2014, still going strong
Popular Korean game girls 2015

#6 SuperRace 2014 Kumho Tire Race Queens – A combo post ft. Cha Jung Ah, Shin Se Ha, Yoon Mi Jin and Moon Ga Kyung
Popular Korean race queens 2015

#7 Lee Da Hee Korea Speed Festival 2014 – The girl made it to the list for the second year in a row
Popular Korean girl Lee Da Hee 2015

#8 Stellar’s Munsan Happy Center Performance – Not the best year for the group but the girls have always been popular on this site
Popular Korean girls Stellar 2015

#9 Oh Ah Hee Korea Speed Festival 2014 – A bit unexpected, made it here thanks to the visitors from social networks
Popular Korean girl Oh Ah Hee 2015

#10 Hwang Mi Hee wedding dress – A farewell for the iconic racing model who probably retired for real
Popular Korean girl Hwang Mi Hee 2015

Special mentions – Due to search engine traffics it seems that all popular photos came from 2014 and earlier, below are the three most visited posts that happened in 2015

Lee Eun Hye Asian Festival of Speed 2015
Popular Korean girl Lee Eun Hye 2015

Shin Se Ha Black Mini Dress
Popular Korean girl Shin Se Ha 2015

Han Ji Yeon Leopard Print
Popular Korean Girl Han Ji Yeon 2015

Thanks to all photographers, please check each post for credits. Have a happy 2016 everyone ^.^