HD photoshoots of Korean trade show model Kim Ha Yul 김하율

Kim Ha Yul Photo & Imaging 2014

Model Kim Ha Yul (김하율) at the ongoing Photo & Imaging 2014 for Sony Cameras. The event crashed with Seoul Motor Show which hired most of the promotional models last year; it’s merrier this time, many popular girls are here.

Kim Ha Yul Korea Photo Imaging 2014 Sony

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Kim Ha Yul Seoul Motor Show 2013 (v3)

HD photos of Porsche promo model Kim Ha Yul at Seoul Motor Show in April 2013. She’s wearing white in this set, in contrary to the black dress worn here and here.

Kim Ha Yul Seoul Motor Show 2013 Porsche

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Korean Race Queens Selca

A cute and casual photo of race queens Choi Byeol Yee, Lee Eun Hye, Ju Da Ha and Kim Ha Yul after a racing event.

Korean race queens casual selca photo

The picture is a few months old, not sure whose SNS account it was from.